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Solar Panels on Rooftop of GenieCo Headquarters

Solar Energy

Today Genieco's Gonesh® brand includes a variety of "green" and Earth-friendly practices, including a recent installation of Solar Panels on our warehouse rooftop! Some benefits of solar energy include:

  • Producing a Carbon Offest
  • Reducing Electricity Bills
  • Supporting a Green Planet

Green Energy

Gonesh Incense is proud to be utilizing clean energy solutions with cutting edge technology. Our team is proud to provide The Best Incense with a passion for sustainability and renewable energy.

Solar and wind power systems have 100 times better lifetime energy yield than either nuclear or fossil energy system per ton of mined materials.

We take great pride in supporting green energy and trying to lower our electrical usage and do our part in reducing our carbon footprint.


Solar Flower Power

Installation of Solar Panels